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NITIKA PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALITIES PVT. LTD. ( NITIKA CHEMICALS ) was found in 1991 as a small manufacturing unit has grown today into a dynamic production center for range of products finding applications in various Industry Verticals.

While achieving this growth we are still maintaining it as a family owned enterprise to make best of the advantages of being a closely held company.

15 years after its foundation the company has been able to adapt to the fast growing technological changes to have an edge in the global market place.

Our focus is on the customer and achieving the high degree of customer satisfaction by providing quality products at a reasonable cost backed by timely deliveries and after sales support.

In 1991 NITIKA PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALITIES PVT. LTD. ( NITIKA CHEMICALS ) was started to Manufacture Fine Chemicals for the Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries.

In 1993 received the Indian FDA Approval.

In 1996 the Production of Metallic Stearates was started utilizing the totally Home-Grown technologies.

In 2000 first Export for USA

n 2003 received ISO 9001:2000 from Bureau Veritas Quality International (Holding) S.A. London.

In 2005 we started building the plant as per WHO-GMP and US-FDA requirements and also received US-DMF no.18912 for our product Magnesium Stearate.

In 2006 we  received  KOSHER Certificate

 In 2007 EDMF No.1252 from European authorities.

In 2008 received ISO 14001:2004.

 In 2009 received WHO – GMP Approval.


NITIKA PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALITIES PVT. LTD. ( NITIKA CHEMICALS ) wishes to maintain a profitable competitive and continuing organization where challenging and rewarding environment encourages employees to work with pride, enthusiasm and commitment.

We acknowledge that the present and future well-being of the company and its employees depends on our pharmaceutical and chemical products meeting statutory, regulatory and customer requirements. We support this by implementing Good Manufacturing and good laboratory practices.

Why Nitika?

Only company in Asia and second in  world have Active US-DMF No.18912 for Magnesium Stearate

All the major global players producing Magnesium Stearate are chemical companies having a small Pharma division where as NITIKA PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALITIES PVT. LTD. ( NITIKA CHEMICALS ) is a purely Pharma focused company and a step further we are focusing on only Pharmaceutical specialized Excipients.

 Being strategically located in Central India, provides us with immense benefits like availability of pool of technically qualified personnel, low cost manpower, ready availability of various raw material and utilities.

We stand to gain from the fact that, India is being projected as the future pharmaceutical hub in the global knowledge economy.

India’s first International Multi-model Cargo Hub ‘MIHAN’ is coming up at a distance of about 15 miles from our plant.


We see Nitika Chemicals as a research based integrated chemical and pharmaceutical company of tomorrow having presence all over the globe with its focus on pharmaceutical excipients and specialties by providing its customers high quality products and backing them with technical, documentation and other supports.

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